Closed Loans in Image Not Matching Real Number of Closed Loans

When you go into the investment bank screen, it has the Stocks, Bonds, Loans tracker images. Under the loan sections, It says I have 10 active, 2 closed, 1 rejected. It should be 8 active, 4 closed, 1 rejected. As I have 4 loans that have been fully paid off by clients now. And it took way longer to update the closed status of the loans that are now marked closed on the image. If a loan gets paid off, it should automatically be marked closed. Not sure why it’s not doing this already. Might be something to look into :slight_smile:

@Lifeline_Inc, This may be a result of a timing issue, loans do close off when paid off. Please keep an eye on this and if it is still an issue, please let us know. We will investigate this from our end also.

Thank you.

The loans have been closing as they are paid off but those 2 loans still haven’t registered as closed.

What it says:

9 active
4 closed
1 rejected

What it SHOULD BE:

7 active
6 closed
1 rejected

@Lifeline_Inc, we will investigate this. Thank you for the report.

@GVW_Admin You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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