Close button never owrks now

When you start a production or end it, or go to a bond sectoin, and press close. It wont’ close. it freezes and have to log out. Sometimes that dosetn’ work.

@Giantkin_Inc has the same issue as well.

I noticed it today, around… 3pm? est.
i just got home, and about to test it now.

tested at home. Close button not closing after trying to STOP production, nor START production.
(you can ignore it, and just get things done, but its blocking view)


This is affecting somneon in chat since they cant’ escacpe the bankrupty message.
Every close button is affected.

Please fix,

Thank you,

Shawn and behalf of everyone esel :slight_smile:

This has been corrected. Thank you for posting.


Fixed. thank you!