Claiming Course Rewards - Broken?

I am attempting to claim this course reward but when I get to the claim page asking for a GVW sign in clicking “Ok” doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried letting it load for a bit and switched from my Windows 10 Device w/Chrome to my Samsung and the page did not work on either device.

Thank you. We are investigating.

The issue has been resolved, your rewards have been processed.

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Is there supposed to be a confirmation message? I am trying to claim another course reward now and I seem to be stuck on the same page. @GoVenture

You should see the screen update showing your rewards.

@GoVenture I am not seeing that menu, and I am not receiving rewards. I get stuck on the login to Go Venture World page. I confirmed user/password by signing back in to the regular GV site.

We have identified the issue, it was a missing file on the server, you should be able to claim your course now.

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I am a bit late replying here, but thanks for the fast fix on this, great work!