Chat and Help Button Relocation

On the Cell Phone, there is a boxed button for Chat and Help. The Help menu is already accessible from the links on the left (on the building). I feel the Help button on the Cell Phone could be removed.

Also, on the Cell Phone, there is an E-mail button towards the bottom of the phone, not in a box, just an icon. I feel the Chat boxed button could be moved next to the Mail icon on the bottom of the Cell Phone also as an icon… Perhaps another window could pop-up with a sideways Cell Phone (kinda like when you open your Tablet)?

I think this would help more people realize that there actually is an in-game chat room. I was also thinking one of the Activity Logs on the top or bottom of the game could host a Chat dialog too, instead of having 2 Activity Logs. Or maybe make another tab labeled ‘Chat’ on the bottom Activity Log?

Thank you for the suggestions, we appreciate your thoughts.

Agreed. The new interface launching soon includes a banner on the boardroom screen to highlight the CHAT options available.

We did not want to add another icon next to the email icon on the smartphone because there is not much room there and the email is most important because it affects your business.

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Awesome! Hopefully that will bring more attention to the chat. Can’t wait to see the new interface!