Challenges Question

In the intro to the game it says there are challenges that directly affect your business stats, I think it uses The example of inventory. I’m down to two challenges left though and haven’t seen anything like that. Am I missing something?

I’ve finished the challenges now and there wasn’t anything directly affecting the stats of my business. I feel like the tutorial went over quite a few things that aren’t actually in the game…like market research, challenges affecting inventory and brand awareness, and getting direct advice about your business from your vps… They only have generalized statements.

There used to be two minigames that affected inventory but when Flash was disabled by all browsers, we had to remove those games. They were not a big part of the game, just a nice activity to do occasionally.

The advisors will only provide general advice, they will not give you specific tasks to do.

Okay, thanks so much for letting me know. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on a valuable resource somehow!