Challenges completed, but don't show as completed

I did challenges 7 and 8 (succesfully), but they still list as incompleted.

Sadly, this is likely a timed out issue. Unfortunately you will need to do them again. Also, please ensure that you are still logged in when taking the challenges.

The “challenge” problems come again…

We have tested this a few times, and once using your account with success each time. Additionally, the challenge is listed under the completed tab. Sadly, we cannot recreate the issue you are reporting.

The challenges are run external to the game, It most likely is a time out issue or a browser security issue.

Dear, are you serious? I still used the Chrome, and did the new Challenge 18,
after it was done, it was in the “In Progress” for a moment, then quickly jumped back to “New”

Maybe I should try other browsers?

Ok, it seems work on other browsers for 14-17.
But 18 still not works.

We see challenge #18 in your “completed” tab, so you must have gone past the issue.

We also discovered that if you close the window and not select the “X” in the challenge itself, you stop the feedback to the game, therefore not completing the challenge. This could be what is causing this experience for you.

I think I clicked the small “X”. There may be other causes.

Yet I did get it “Completed”, but maybe about 1 day RT after it occurs (I did not remember the exact time…Is there any strange mechanism that prevent me to make that “Complete” on the 1st day?)

BTW, there’s sth strange with my challenge 13.
(It now appears in both “Completed” and “Missed”)

There were two “Business Plan” challenges added, we are going to correct that.