Cash transfer accepted but not received

I was sent 50,000 G’s twice separately, and I opened the mail and accepted the transfer. However, I never actually received the funds (amount did not change). The same thing happened with my paid invoices.

We will look into this. Thank you for posting.

You have a line of credit and that is automatically paid off as you receive revenue.

To clarify LINE OF CREDIT, see section 5.33 in the User Guide

Just saying, I think for a business my level, I should have a higher maximum amount. I’m at 10K bxp. I should be able to send more cash. I help other companies to grow. Im actually trying to start a sponsorship program ingame to help players startup and get hooked to the game.

We love the idea of players helping players in the game.

But when it comes to transferring money, it’s better for the game that this be done using formal methods like through an Investment Bank.

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How would I help other players through a bank?

Issue low interest loans.

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What if I don’t want the money back. As in, a gesture.

Say I wanna help a business with startup, maybe a friend.
I can only send $50K
That can’t do anything to help with upgrades or salesperson hiring.

I think you should reconsider the maximum amount of cash a person can send. To atleast $1M.

Just my opinion.

I’m not sure what value it offers the gameplay to allow players to gift money to other players.

The game is designed to provide authentic business experience … the gifting of money from one business to another is not normal business. Money is loaned or invested, but never gifted.

It would also create a question of fairness when a player is gifted a large amount of money that they have not earned … or offered something in return.

We are certainly open to anything that helps the game, but I’m not sure I see the benefits here and how they may outweigh the drawbacks. I’m still willing to listen though.

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I mean. What if I want to lend a company a lump sum without having my own bank?

There should be a way I can contract the bank or lawfirm to draft a loan agreement or something like that.

I’m just saying, I should be able to lend money without having a bank for myself.
Which I already do.

But I’m just saying, what if I didn’t and I wanted to lend some cash to make some interest ?
I couldn’t with the current system.

That would make more business deals open up for sure.

You can give more than g50,000 to another player. The g50,000 limit is only per transfer, but you can do multiple transfers to the same person. Give it a try to see.

I noticed that acception. But it’s slightly still too low.

I agree with you saying most companies don’t just gift high amounts of money but I try to help all players in many ways.
If i didn’t have a bank now, I couldn’t do that.

Sometimes the games bugs make startups harder, due to loss of profit.

It’s happened to me before. I invested most of my money to buy products to sell and due to bugs at the time, I lost most of my startup capital. I was days away to being bankrupt.

We will consider upping the limit to g100,000 per transaction.

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Sounds like an improvement.
Thanks alot for considering it!!

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You can now send g100,000 to any player.