Car Sales Capacity - Bug?


I have fully upgraded my car retail store so the sales capacity is 10 units/day, however no matter what price I set I only sell 8/day. Is this a bug or is there something I am missing?

Riner Car Store

sales ledger car

It means sales, not units.

Quantity: It is the number of units

@Riner It means only 2 sales.

Oh pleaaaaase
Sales = Units
5 * +2 sales = 10 Cars/day

I am selling 8 cars a day and it is capped at it. Please let the Admin clarify this thanks

Oh, I get it.

Are you gettings sales?

@GVW_Admin @GoVenture Please see Riner’s issue.

The 10 sales here does not guarantee 10 sales, it is a potential maximum of 10 sales. As in the real world market factors will determine how many sales you make, this could be the price you are selling at, the quality and features of the cars.

To determine why sales are low, check the consumer profiles report, the product competitiveness report and the retail inventory report.