Cant ship products

When I go to ship products the purchase order is to big for the screen and it will not let me scroll down to the ship button. I tried expanding the page but it did not help. I can see down to previously shipped on the purchase order and thats it, nothing below it, it is all cut off.

Here are a couple of things to try until our devs can look into this:

Press ctrl - to zoom out in your browser in case that makes the button visible.
If not, with your mouse, try clicking and holding the scroll wheel and pull down … that may reveal the bottom of the form.

Try a different browser or tablet or phone.

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Thank you for the suggestions Matt, I tried both of those last night and was unsuccessful with both of them. It will lets me click on shipping options but i cant seem to do anything else with it.

@Robsmart, is this still happening to you? If so, could you send us a screenshot showing us what you see please?

Hey NK sorry for the late reply, I just Made the screen smaller and was able to see the ship button and everything at the bottom of the shit page. If I enlarge it back to its original zoom size i cannot see the bottom of the page again to ship.

Thanks for letting us know, glad you were able to proceed.Curious to know what platform and browser you are using.

Hey NK I am using osx elcaptain with the current version of google chrome. let me know if you have any more questions glad to help!

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Thank you for this info.