Can't select lawfirm

Creating topic as requested, I was looking to register a trademark but when selecting lawfirms there are none.

I did require help getting my holding name updated from bob to bobby and there is no text box to edit the name as well as my auto manufacturer still lists the old holding company, wondering if something may have bugged in the process of having my holding company renamed?

Screenshot is below of the issue as well.

Thank you for posting this here. We will look at this. in the mean time, try this in Chrome:

  1. Press F12 to open developer tools.
  2. Click and HOLD the mouse over the REFRESH button on your browsers … this should reveal a menu.
  3. Choose Empty Cache and Hard Reload

If the above does not work, check if there is an update for Chrome by clicking the Chrome settings button and the top option that appears.

I was able to verify it’s Chrome, loading the game up in Edge has fixed all the glitches I was encountering. A hard refresh didn’t fix chrome but it’s on my end so I’ll do the needful on my end and report back if I manage to fix it.

Thank you for the update and we are happy to hear you are free of the issue.