Can't Purchase Addons, anything from Sales & Service Screen, or open market

Can’t Purchase Addons, or anything from Sales & Service Screen, or open market. I’ve played 6-7 resets before this one intermittently and never had this issue. I’m not able to play at all because I can’t purchase supplies, or upgrade my retail operations.

Please describe what happens — what are you clicking and seeing?

The issue seems to be resolved, but to recap:

When I attempted to purchase off of the Open Market I could select a law firm, but otherwise the button to purchase doesn’t appear at all in that pop up, nor does the transportation selection.

In Sales & Service I could click on the ‘buy’ button, and it made the sound but wouldn’t ever register that it was bought or deduct the funds.

Addons simply didn’t appear at all.

Thanks for the report … but to clarify, are you saying all of the symptoms you listed above are now gone and everything is working as expected?

I had this expect same problem literally the same thing happened

We have tested this and it appears to be working for us, could either one of you post the following for us
Browser Version,
Operating System
and Device: Mac, PC, Tablet or Phone (make and model)