Cant play the game ? bug?

Hey , i just started the game on my laptop but whenever i click on play game it takes me to some index page , says website in the address bar how do i actually play the game ?

Im able to come to the play page with a diff browser but im stuck at the choose location page i have done everything but i click continue and nothing happens?

Hi and welcome.
Chrome is the recommended browser for the game. If you don’t have and you want to play, then it’s worth downloading it. May also be a good idea to clear cache with whatever browser is playing up.

Selecting location is also a problem with some devices like phone. On that you could try doing full zoom and making sure you’re getting a land mass - or hover over until the info shows the country you’re aiming for - even if it doesn’t look right.

Good Luck

Metal_Access has some good suggestions. If they don’t work, do this:

  1. Contact us using our private contact form:
  2. Include your username and password so we can log in as you
  3. Include the location you want your business to be and your preferred business name and stock symbol.

We will log in as you and get you past where you are stuck.