Can't invent add-on on phone

I am unable to make add-on on phone due to unable to draw the logo

What happens when you click to add a pixel? Please describe exactly what you are clicking and what happens. Share screenshots if you can.

Also try a different browser.

It will just move around nothing else

Unfortunately, GoVenture World has a small development team and we are unable to test on all mobile devices, due to this it is not optimized for small screens, or phones, But if you can let us know what phone and OS, we will see what we can do.

Samsung note 8 SC-01k android 9

Thank you, we have made an adjustment and it should work now. If it does not work in the Samsung browser we would suggest using Chrome.

I am using chrome I have uploaded a video of the problem in discord

We have tested the fix on the S20 and it is working there, so hopefully it will work for you as the update makes its way through the caches.