Can't assign ads

I currently have 3 ad slots won between the current display and current bidding. None of them appear on my assigning list.
This was a problem 4 or 5 days ago for around a day and then it was fixed. Re-appeared 2 days ago.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will look into this.

@Fireyscorp, could you check your ad spots and let us know if they are, or are not working now, please?

They are working NOW on our end.

I certainly can’t assign the ads that didn’t make the list (which matches what happened last time) so the only way to check now is to win an ad spot. Stand by…
EDIT - yes. It gave me 10 bxp for winning ad spot so before fix it didn’t recognise me as winning slot… and I have been able to assign.

Good to hear, thank you for your help.