Can't Acces Mail

I always finding very glitchy to access the mail. It work but I can’t click on the mail messages to view them

Unfortunately we are having troubles replicating this issue.

It’s a on and off issue

Its the same here, also not able to accept or send the purchase orders

Yup, same here.

This has been corrected.

me too same problem

Other than the issue with offers you reported in the last day, is the mail working better for you now?

Yes it is btu still slow

Having issues replying back to peope

What issue are you having specifically, testing here is showing it is now working correctly with one display issue which we will look at.

Could you post a screen grab here to show us the issue you are having when replying.

I think it is all working now. Just taking a while longer than usual for everything to process. I guess big data.
It’s all good

Thank yoU!

Sometimes it takes forever for the compose button to actually open the sending box where you can send it. It is just the tablet in mail but it takes forever