Cancelling partially filled orders

As a manufacturer, I’ve had the responsibility of filling a very large order from another large company, but they have recently went inactive. As such, it is very time-consuming to fill an order that would likely serve no purpose. Is there a plan in place to be able to cancel an active order and refund the remaining unfulfilled order in cash? Perhaps a cancellation fee would be a good idea to discourage overuse, but just throwing out ideas here.

We have had some discussions around canceling orders. It is always difficult to handle these orders and is always a risk ordering large orders over an extended period.

Most of the discussion has been around orders for companies where both parties have decided the order is not needed or orders where one player has forgotten or refused to ship to the other. These discussions include one party cancelling the order and the other accepting that cancellation. I don’t know if there has ever been an instance mentioned where someone is filling an order they have been paid for but the other player in inactive.

I would think you could just put the order on hold (as if the company were in financial hardships and questionable) and then if the player returns, they are always welcome to contact you to continue the order as stands. If they never return and have paid, you are ahead.

That being said. with our new Business Directory (in the World Markets section), you can search a company to see when they were last active. If it is greater than 14 days, their account has been marked inactive and all activity is on hold. This is also true if they status is “Never”. With this info, you can make the decision to continue business or not.

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What about a renegotiation of the order? This could possibly help if a manufacturer were to miss the deadline to fill the order, but still wanted to compensate for the unfilled remainder of the order. I’m not sure how the deadlines work, but would I still be able to ship inventory after the initial 30-day order in the agreement is out of time?

Lol, working on it! Just been getting busy with some irl engagements is all, so was worried about running behind and missing the shipment window (if there is one).

The Completion Date is merely for display purposes to flag an invoice as Overdue. All transactions are still open and you guys can work out a new agreement through email if you like. Unfortunately, at this moment, orders stand once agreed upon. Once we get the economy stable and working as intended we will have more time to start looking at new features.

What STEVEN said above, but also note that if you want to change your deal with someone, you can do so on your own and then use the FINANCE > SEND MONEY feature for one player to send money to another player. For example, if you decide to reduce the price by g100 then one player can send that amount of money to the other player.

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