BXP bug fixed and player BXP reduced (July 10, 2017)

A bug was discovered after the latest reset that resulted in all players earning more BXP than they were supposed to. Extra BXP was being awarded on many activities in the game (not just login). Some players exploited this bug and gained excessive BXP (shame, shame)! Most players probably did not realize they were getting extra BXP.

The bug has been fixed and many players have now had their BXP reduced.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to the players who helped us identify the problem!

So, as the bxp went down, the bank I picked for my bonds went void, but my bonds still exist. Now I was wondering… What will happen to ZUZ now? Will the buyers still get paid properly when I make my payments? Will the world end when I try to?

@Zuzu You and your buyers will be fine. The bank in question was seized by GVW as it was a spoil from a bug exploit. Everything will function normally. However any future business will have to be done with another bank.