BXP Bug during courses

Ok first i’ll say i know this game is in beta and by no means am i upset, mad, or anything. lol

I was doing the courses. i have so far done 33 done

however i only got credit for 1 of them.
before doing any i had bxp of around 600.

After doing the other 1 i got credit for it but after refreshing page i noticed it wasnt there anymore.

I thought it was a glitch and did another course. and same thing happened.

all courses are already completed for those 3.

Right now im short 1000 bxp

Now as i said i know its a beta and im not mad. just figured i would post on here about it as a glitch in the game :slight_smile:

@Skyward_Productions, first off, congrats on finding a bug we were not aware of. What has happened was due to a fix against an exploit being carried long ago. We did not notice this affected the courses as it did. For now, do only one course a day, however, we will attempt to get you your 1000 bxp.


Im glad to help with it. I know its a beta game and bugs are a work in progress. Ill gladly post any more that i find. Great game you have developed and i look foward to seeing it grow. Will limit to 1 course a day thank you for the help and quick responce

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@Skyward_Productions, our Dev Team has fixed the issue and got your 1000 bxp. All should be good from here on. Enjoy the game!