Business Sell Exploit

Credit should go to Jobsons and Quito for this, even though they haven’t reported it as of yet it seems.

BXP can be consistently farmed by selling another player your business and them selling it back. It gives 100 BXP per transaction. You could implement a limit to daily bxp gained from selling a business, get rid of the bxp bonus for that entirely, or pursue another method. Thought I’d point it out.

Thank you this SilvShepard, we will look into this.


It might not have been reported on here but it was reported.

Confirming that Jobsons did report the exploit to us.

Ah, misunderstanding on my part I suppose. Kudos to ya Jobsons; you’re a real good beta tester. Hopefully we all can rely on ya to root out more bugs and exploits for final release!

LOL - so diplomatic. My view wasn’t so gracious.

jobsons, you reported it after exploiting it to a ridiculous level to achieve your aim. (10k bxp) Then it gets blocked and you stand alone unassailable at the top of the tables. It was the same last round. Beta or not I don’t like it and it certainly reduces the enjoyment of the game for me. C’est la vie.

No problem Silv no hard feelings. Fireyscorp yes you are correct i did partake in its bountiful glory :). Oui en effet

This exploit has been addressed and is now live.

Buyers are now limited to receiving bxp from 1 purchase a day and you are not allowed to buy businesses beyond the number you are permitted by your level.

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2 business sale transactions tonight clearly show that the fix to prevent players buying above their bxp level is not working.
Advertising agency at 2k and a bank at under 7k

Were you buying or selling the businesses?

You have 39,000bxp which should allow you to buy 7 businesses. You have 6.
You are well within your limit for businesses owned.

I sold a bank to a player on 7k bxp and the advertising agency was sold by another player to a newer player on 2k bxp.

I misread the post above which I thought was saying that selling above bxp levels was blocked - in fact it was only saying going above numbers of businesses was blocked. This loophole remains.

Correct. The restriction is only on owning more businesses than you should at your current bxp.

It occurs to me there is a variation to this exploit that is still wide open and will be utilised by unscrupulous players especially while admin are relaxed about multiple accounts.

If a player is somewhat established but wants to quickly pump up his stats, they could open a second/third/fourth business that makes cars and fund that operating company to make say 1000 cars. Then it would be a simple matter of buying that operating company for 1 g and selling one back to be re-stocked.

I haven’t seen evidence of this yet - well not blatant anyway - but I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been used.

Not sure how to block it either. An escrow period would not as it would take a few weeks to produce enough cars. Maybe something down the line of related players having to be registered and a ban of sales of businesses between related players.

I understand your concern and have thought of this also. But, there is nothing wrong in buying a fully stocked business. This would just make the business worth more. The real issue in your example is the use of 2 accounts to sell the business to themselves for next to nothing.

I the next reset, we have validation in place. This will force players to validate their accounts before being able to play. This does not keep people from signing up with multiple valid emails but there is not much that can. We do however feel that this is one step closer to keeping multiple accounts in check.

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