Business Report, Profit Chart, Dates

 When I click on business reports, then click on Profit Chart, and then click on the dates, to change the dates, the small calendar that appears, which allows you to change the dates to your desired time range, does not allow you to see the area that you would need to click on to select the beginning date to change it, or the ending date to change it.

May we ask what device and browser that you are using to play the game?

I am using Google Chrome on my laptop. The date selecting icons used to work really well, but recently started not working as well.
Most of the time it does not matter, but sometimes it takes a moment before it shows the most recent day, and I am trying to look at my most recent revenue, expenses, and net profit for the game day.

We are having difficulty replicating this issue. Could you screen grab what your seeing for us please?

If you do not have the means, we use Jing to do this.

And maybe clear your cache as well.

It is not a huge issue but I will try to help you guys figure it out. I do not know if this will work but I just pressed control + print screen

Please check it out again, the Dev team has corrected the issue.