Business on sale bug

@GoVenture @GVW_Admin
I listed my transport business on sale for 5 million g. But by mistake accepted the counter offer of Pro Company of 800k. Now I have contacted him and he is willing to give me back my company because it was due to a mistake. He listed the same business again on market and I countered offer him for 800k. He accepted the offer. But I haven’t gained access of business yet and he says he cannot delist the business. My money has also deducted. Please sort out this issue/bug.

I have gain access for my transport business. But it still shows PRO COMPANY as the holding company. So please see to it sir.


It show correctly now.

Sir it still shows that it is listed for sale whereas it is not on the market. Please resolve this

It is not showing up for sale for us. We even checked your account.

Thanks sir. It has been corrected