Bug on equity and profits

is there a bug?

my balance sheet shows
assets g41,806,875 . equity g7,833,492, liabilites g33,973,383

my profit and loss statement profits g6156 597

my equity shown on my home page
g 8246424,

and my best guess

  1. my equity should be starting capital 4.000.000+profts 6 156 597 total 10 156 597???

  1. profit from balance sheet should match that of profit loss

my best guess is that problems come whith prepaid and not shipped goods (on order), and/or goods prepaid in transit that money goes out but no asset comes in either as prepaid expense, or prepaid inventory

another bug
missing asset descriptions
stock and bond do not appear on assets items
still something else is missing difference is 22 and change millions and my stock is at cost 16+ mil or at market 18+ mill

Cash g(86,395) g997,467 g997,467
Accounts Receivable g0 g0 g0
Manufacturing Inventory g0 g0 g0
Retail Inventory g4,629,536 g0 g0
Property, Plant & Equipment g20,996,551 g3,000,000 g3,000,000
Total Assets g47,993,700 g3,997,467 g3,997,467


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will look into this.

By design the balance sheet does not include updates during the current business game day. But we will look into what you are saying

You are right, it looks like we need to update the balance sheet and other reports to include new
accounts that were added after the report was created.


also look in liabilities, lines of credit
i believe I paid them and appear as a liabilities many days later

Short and Long Term Liabilities g34,498,358 g0 g0
Lines of Credit g103,120 g0 g0
Total Liabilities g34,601,478 g0 g0