BUG login issue

Sorry for this aggressive email but for the love of god…there is an issue with the log in i put THE SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD AND some days it works some others it doesnt so i jkept changing it 2-3 times every time i couldnt log in…now for 1-2 days i couldnt log in or even if i changed the password i still could not og in…like idk my account was deleted or something,i just started fresh for like 4-5 days max…and you as administrators have the topics LOCKED FOR PLAYERS WITH NO ACCOUNT so i couldnt even write my problem in here cause i couldnt logged in in my account…Like how to explain this craziness…i had to make a new account just to reach this topic section…please also you have a choice below the log in option,forget password or username…but only the change password works…but still not even that works…i hope you reply soon about this…first time i have played a game with right username and passwords and i couldnt log in game…also about solutions i check some articles here,i downloaded the latest version of chrome,clear data with f12 clear cookies,log in from other pc still i couldnt log in…i wait for an fix if you may…
thank you

Hey sorry for the trouble. We will need to know the email address you used and want to use to play, particularly if you created a few accounts so we can disable the ones you do not need.

To protect your privacy, please submit this information using this form: Contact Us - Formstack

Note that login problems can happen on websites if your browser uses autofill as the autofill can overwrite what you type. Just noting in case that could be the issue.

We have corrected the issue. Please try and log in again.

Also,there is a problem with the addons…i cannot discontinue one of mine i go boardroom->addons>discontinue…i press the button and nothing happens…i also invented a new one and it is active but it is not in my inventory to use it,is it one the list of addons generally but i cant use it… Tramerce Company name