Bug at addons/discontinue

there is a problem with the addons…i cannot discontinue one of mine i go boardroom->addons>discontinue…i press the button and nothing happens…i also invented a new one and it is active but it is not in my inventory to use it,is it one the list of addons generally but i cant use it… Tramerce Company name

Thank you for reporting this, there was bug that has now been addressed.

I can now discontinue one of my invented licenses thank you for the response but in the picture you will see i have 3 invented addons,one i just discontinued! ! Screenshot by Lightshot
At tthe second picture i am in my business addons section and it does NOT show me my addons as it is missing somehow…it is only showing me 2 of my addons which one has been discontinued and another from another person…any ideas or maybe error?i need to turn ON my addon because of better performance. Screenshot by Lightshot