Bond issue gives "Me" a blank page

If you click finance -> issue bond, than you get a blank page. I have come to the understanding that it isn’t with other people so that is why i categorised it as bug.

side notes

  • loan application page works
  • Keep in mind that a factor might be that i am an noobie. I might have missed something.
  • i watched al FAQ, Tutorial pages and searched for game play video’s which all couldn’t point me in the right direction.
  • playing on PC (laptop) tried it also on Iphone.
  • Tried multiple times Log in and out.
  • My headquarter is in Quatar, maybe that could be the reason.
  • investment banks ( now time of writing) are located in Canada and Caymen Is.
  • BXP is 910
  • I play it from the Netherlands.

CEO of Sadler Industries

Just wanted to show how blank that page is lol.

  • it has nothing to do with the extentions tested that.

@Sadler, did you try and log out and back in again?

Would you possibly have more than one window open playing the game? If so, please close them and log out and back in again.

I tought you fixed when i saw it was workimg after 2 days, but after seeing your response i am surprised, so i think should apologies sorry for bothering.

I will inform you if it comes back.

worthy developments over time
(just putting stuff maybe it helps you in a later stage, i know debugging is a bitch)

  • time of successfully trying X>23:00 UTC (my time 00:00)
  • cash above 600K was 7K
  • BPX was 910 -> now 960
  • second business deal made
  • also third market deal

Answer to question

  • yeah on advice of a chat member i did log out and than in, and it is probably not the tabs thing what caused it because it hasn’t chanced overtime

  • yeah made another account “ long after” the problem but did it on my iphone, and i did it because i was, as you might have seen going in a line of credit soon (7000g)

Thanks for your reply appreciate it.

CEO of Sadler Industries

@Sadler, glad you back on track. And no apologies required, this is why this forum is here and we are here to help. Thanks for playing!