Bond bugs - pic included

Please study picture: Bond coupon payment was made 2 times, 2nd time I think it didnt leave my account. It states that 3 payments are made (I suppose since 600k is amount used) but that coupon payment is still to be done. Coupon payment was made a couple of GT days earlier then supposed. First bond holder shows overdue even though it was paid. So a couple of bugs possibly stemming from coupon payment made too early.

Agree bonds are buggy and coupon / principle payments are not handled correctly.
Payments should be automated if the holding company is funded.
Bonds should disappear once paid out.

We have taken your suggestions and have made the Bond payments automatic. We are currently testing it.

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This should be with dividends as well, at least a minor dividend automatic payment, should be worth investing 100’s of millions into a company.

Disagree on dividends. Companies make varying decisions on dividends each time they report earnings… And if dividends aren’t paid then retained earnings increase which means the shares are worth more. Bonds are offered with a known return and therefore payments can be automated.

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Firesyscorp is right that DIVIDENDS should not be automatic. Dividends are not normally a contractual obligation to be paid and have various consideration as he describes.

Bonds are a contractual obligation. When you issue a bond, you are promising to make payments of an exact amount at an exact time. The only time you may not make those payments is if you are running out of money.

Note that Jacobus may have identified a bug above so we will need to look into that bug.

Check out my bonds page, it says for all amounts overdue, although on coupon payment it states I overpaid it by 400k while next coupon on face value are due in some 200 days.

@Jacobus, thank you for this. We are looking into this.