Bids on Ads not working

Not sure what category this falls under, but assuming it is not a bug, I am curious as to why my attempt to outbid the leading bidder is not working. bid or not to bid

I have attempted this when the number is 100,999 and 100,000, so I am not sure what is the problem. As much as I don’t like that a user bid what appears to be the max amounts for these ad spaces, I believe it is accurate of how it may happen in the real world, but my qualm is that I don’t have the opportunity to outbid them myself, if I want to. While I have never been in a situation like this in real life, I imagine I’d have that opportunity before I wash my hands of the bid. So, all I am arguing is for the opportunity to make a bid and not lose because the system has been gamed.

Interesting discovery. Rather than code up something complicated, perhaps the best solution is for us to simply increase the max by another digit to 999,999. That won’t stop the same scenario from happening, but if someone wants to pay 1 million for an ad spot, then they can have it.

Thanks for your attention to this. I would agree to that solution, because, at least, then I can outbid the person if I really want the space. It also artificially forces the users who decide to pay 1 million for an ad space to consider if they really want to spend that much for multiple ads.

It’s 99.99k for an ad not 1M

Yes, that is true. The 1 million is the solution that the GVW admin is proposing since we cannot bid past g99,999 at the given moment.

I don’t necessarily have any issue with you choosing to spend that much money on ad space, but when it occupies this much and other users aren’t allowed the opportunity to outbid, then that isn’t fair and makes this game less entertaining.

I mean it’s not the only way of advertising, direct mail campaigns are another effective way to advertise.

I did also try to leave some open at the end after realizing to late that I have to many spots

We have increased the bidding figure. Game On!

It takes a lot of work to bid and post that many ads. Despite the monopoly being created, it’s quite the realistic entrepreneur work ethic being demonstrated :slight_smile:

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For sure. All I wanted was the opportunity to outbid, so thank you!

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Be sure not to spend more than you have, ad spots do not check if you have enough for them.