Being Able to Purchase G Money

I was reading through the game guide and it says players will be able to purchase g money on the GoVenture World Marketplace. I understand this is not released yet. When it is though, do you think it will just make the game way easier if players just buy millions of g money before they start? Which makes it way easier to expand all over the globe rather than building up your company.

I understand GoVenture needs to make money off the game but this seems like it will just make it noncompetitive.

I love the game so far but this concerns me.

That’s a great observation. We have those same concerns too and are unsure how it will play out. Our thinking is that it MIGHT be ok for these reasons:

  1. Many other popular games allow players to buy and trade items, like weapons and such.

  2. Even if you have a lot of money, you still need BXP to start new businesses. Right now the BXP is low, but we are likely going to increase it.

  3. If a player has a lot of money, they are going to spend most of it buying products and services from other players, and investing in stocks and bonds, so the money actually gets distributed throughout the world to other players.

  4. GoVenture World is not a game that is easily automated, so if you have a lot of money to spend, it actually takes you a lot of effort to spend it by creating new businesses and managing those businesses. It’s not like someone can buy say 10 million and then spend it all right away to get an instant advantage.

  5. In the real world it is very common for some entrepreneurs to have access to a lot of money while others do not. Some have wealthy family or friends to help give them a big head start, while most of us (me included) have had to work harder to raise that money.

But, we agree with you that we are worried about the fairness of such a feature, so it’s not something we are going to add soon … and we will ask our players what they think too. If we can generate money to support our game through other revenue sources, we would prefer to do it. Just as we prefer to keep the game free to play (freemium).

Great explanation, Mathew! Thank you, sir. Makes a lot of sense.

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I quite like this game because its not a “pay to win,” game, if u would sell money to people for reall currency, it will attract certain players idd, and you as developer getting payed fair enough but then just sell “cosmetic” stuff for money and not ingame currency

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Great observations. I think allowing players to purchase g dollars would be good but there needs to be some sort of limitation. The reason stated that this happens with companies in real life when people with deep pockets can buy larger companies as opposed to those that work their way up is valid. But maybe some sort of government intervention if a company dominates too much. Maybe something akin to anti-trust action forcing a player to somehow diversify. Just a thought.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to have a donation button on your site. I, for one, would donate something. I love the idea this game has and would like it to evolve as quickly as possible.

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What is the status of the GoVenture World Marketplace and the possible ability to purchase ingame money currently?

Right now we offer Course discounts under BOARDROOM > Special Offers

But no option for purchasing currency. We do not have a target date for this.

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