Average Unit Cost

Not sure if this is also impacting my financials, but check the average unit cost of my production in China under management and sales tab. That same production under manufacturing tab says production per unit is 21k but it shows 0 cost for both features and quality. Both pics included:

@Jacobus, that is interesting. I see that you have all the features turned on. We will look into this.

@Jacobus, we looked at this and all seems well. There must have been a refresh or loading issue that caused the figures to not be viewed. If you refresh you should see the figures are there. No effect on your financials.

Cool, thnx for checking, after refresh it shows avg unit cost 134k :slight_smile: On manufacturing it shows 7,5k for each feature and quality tab. I am not worried about financials, its just to report all bugs so game will be better.


@Jacobus, thank your reporting your experiences and your assistance to help develop our game. We count on it!

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