Automotive dealer game

First of all great game i am enjoying it greatly!

Did u make any changes in the automotive dealer game? since today 31-1-2018 it is really hard to sell cars in the minigame,

As a Retailer it is allready quite annoying to do those games each day because it takes ages to complete them (compared to the manufacturing one) and i only have 5 retailers,

But as a big thing it is allready clients are really hard to convince to take a cars from the showroom, so i started the minigame for 1 retailer 2 times allready just to get the bxp i need to sell them…(got fully staffed and used all the extra buttons to convince clients)

This minigame, is taking the joy from this game it did before because of the time u have to stick into it, but now it looks like the clients are not working with me as they done before…

It could be me, that i am getting frustrated because of this game minigame, but i bet others have the same issue…


William Callaars,


@Callaars, there have been no changes to the minigame. We will keep an eye out for similar comments. We’re glad that your enjoying the game!

I think i found the issue, i am using 2 differrent browsers so i have multiple tabs, and i can play 2 different games at the same time (speed things up), noticed that counting of the selling sometimes goes wrong, or i start suddenly a new game with 18 cars instead of 22, does a employee have to say hi? Before it is triggered in the selling part? Or should the big round shadow around them trigger the selling effect on clients? Noticed when i draw a seller away and return it again and say hi… the client buys faster… keep me updated please,

Regards Callaars,

@Callaars, multiple tabs causes mutiple issues. See this post from Sept 2016.

That is quite annoying, it will take an hour to do all automotive minigames and even longer if i grow bigger(+ all the time i login continuesly ofc true the day)but this BXP is important if u want to stay high on the equity list etc,
Can this not be solved in some way? use of multiple automotive dealer games in 1 tab? or even more tabs? in different browsers?

it is so time consuming compared to the MFG one,

I just played the retail game and it seems the same as before.

As a way to speed it up, how about removing the random waiting time before the first customer comes in? or add the variable speed lever like in the manufacturing game.

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Hey guys, we just want you to know that we are not planning on making any changes to the minigames for a long time. The mini game was not intended to be played so frequently. It’s great that it is, but we have some other more important features that we want to add before we can make the mini game more efficient or add more options to it.

It’s also FLASH based which means it won’t run on tablets and smartphones, so we are not keen on investing a lot of development time into right now.

Sorry for the news, but we want to be honest with you on where we are focusing our development work.

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We are kinda forced to play it, because of the ranking system and the bxp u gain with it…

But i understand your drive of fixing other things first :slight_smile: ,
I’ll just smash my head against the wall once in a while being annoyed playing it continuesly…


William Callaars,