Automobile sales stopped

I have hired 2 salesperson which were supposed to give me 4 units sales per day. My products are 100/100 quality and features. I had sold previously perfectly, but now its only selling 2 per day. I have also tried reducing the price also.


Two things:

  1. Are you sure your inventory is 100/100 and that you have not run out of high quality inventory while still having lower quantity inventory?

  2. Have you checked your competition? Competitors can change instantly, making you less competitive.

I have tried everything, it went up for a while i was selling 10 units per day but now its again down, the same is happening with my pharma retail, the lowered the price and still its not able to sell 6000 units a day

The numbers you see on the interface are the MAXIMUM that you can sell. They do not represent what you are actually going to sell. The numbers you actually sell are based on many factors and most players are unable to sell the maximum. We recommend reviewing the user guide to fully understand all the possibilities and review the reports to see how you compare with the competition. Your competition could be winning more business and thereby not allowing you to reach the maximums you were able to reach before.