Automobile sales boosted

Greetings! For the last couple days(GT) my automobile sales have gone up. I’m assuming it’s a bug since the update note made it sound like the system settings were unbalaced in favor of automobiles and the update was meant to fix it (with no mentions to automobile sales boost).

I haven’t purchased any upgrades for my showroom and was selling 1 vehicle a day, which was the expected amount, since I only had one employee who was able to sell 1 a day. Now I’m selling 2.

[not as important] Also, while doubling sales is expected to increase average daily revenue, it wasn’t supposed to affect average selling price, which is now showing as higher than the highest price I’ve sold them for.

Thank you for your attention,

There was a market correction made. Thank you for the comment.

Zuzu, the market has reverted to what it was boosted to last round so probably not a bug

Oh… all cool then. I thought it was a bug because the description in game for each sales person said they’d add +1 to daily sales and they’re adding +2. But if that’s the idea, it’s even better. More money for me. :smiley:

There was an error in the display, it should have been reading +2 not +1.
Thank you again for posting this item.