Assets and equity calculation and

Can anyone please clarify this… why are my total assets so different from my individual assets?

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Also apart from that for the day 181 as shown in the previous pic is different from the assets in the email. the equity too was also shown different

Thank you reporting this, We take these type of issues very seriously, I am hoping it is just line entries not being saved. But it will be investigated.

The reason for this is that the amounts paid to suppliers for goods shipped but not delivered are not reported in the assets. Once autos come as inventory it’s ok, but before that the money is just missing from the balance sheet. Please fix this, it’s a major issue in the financial reporting

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This is very helpful debug information guys, thanks for sharing it with us!

Note that SOME numbers may be temporarily out of sync at times because of when certain accounting triggers happen, but there is definitely a bug here that we will fix soon.

We found the discrepancy in the assets and put a fix in place. Unfortunately, it the fix will not address past data and will work on all data going forward.