All Retailers are bugged - No sales


I was selling phones consistently at g800 yesterday rl evening. At some point I logged in to check on my progress and the store completely stopped selling. I did not make any adjustments between when I was selling and when it stopped.

I then attempted to place all of my sales teams to the ‘off’ position then turning them back on and put my prices down to g700.

Now my retail store is negative quite a bit of cash from being on but not selling anything dispite having everything set correctly and having an overflow of phones from orders over the night.

Any help is appreciated.

FireCastle FirePhone

Edit: Turns out its an issue with all retailers, ive changed the topic title to better encompass the issue.

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I have the same issue for my automobile retailer. Dropped price to Nada still no sales.

I experienced the same issue with my car retailer since this morning (UTC +1 time).

Yes same issue. Started a smartphone retailer and had reduced price right down to 650 with no sales in 5 game days

Sam issue here. I also opened another topic before this one.

Yeah it looks like they fixed the one you posted about and now it’s happened again, seems like a recurring issue somewhere in the system.

This has been corrected.

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I am having the same issue with my Pharma Retailer. Nothing selling even though the price is still the same as it always was, destroying my cashflow, I have bills to pay.

We could not find any issues. Has this persisted, or is all ok now?