All bug fixes


Date: Tue Nov 6 13:31:33 2018 -0400
commit b6b700c731acd2543bd81beb9b7c7e1ba8fda8da

Addresses an issue with the the shipping engine when a business is a new business.

this patch fixes an exception the cruncher where a new business would
throw an exception when getting a shipment.  Possibly caused by changes to frameworks

Changes to product queries and the production scores used to calculate features and quality values.
Additionally it contains a rework of the quality and feature
calculations for manufactures that now use influence values instead of
price and spending calculations

Updating the manufacturing display
	this patch changes the display so that inventory quality and features
	are not shown until there is inventory

this patch removes openmarket from the quality/feature and consumer
value calculations until this lot isdelisted.  Delisted inventory will be rolled back into the inventory and scores adjusted

fixing navigation issues for new players
	preventing a loop in the tutorial

fixing dictionay reference

revising map to add better behaviors    
	this patch should fix the selection not registering on the business

updating the brand processing in the game
	this patch adds the new branding support and rolls it into the game
	adding retail quality history tracking
	updating the shipping for branding
	adds the new quality history tracking mechanism for manufacturing
	this table will track 4 states of quality averages, monthly, weekly,
	daily, and yearly.

fixing issue with closed manufacturers
	this patch fixes an issue where closed manufacturers lost any inventory
	on the open market and it was never removed from the players reserved
	pool thus having an adverse influence on the quality and feature scores
	for a business after it reopens.

fixing bug in the buy business code
	this patch fixes access issues when a business is bought
	this should solve the rename, move and access bugs after a business is


Date: Wed Nov 7 19:45:33 2018 -0400

Fixed issue with the general journal not loading.