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Date: Mon Sep 19 17:11:48 2016 -0300

Adding improved data management

this patch addresses the known data concurrency issues.    
this patch further unifies the banking in the game and reduces server load
for database.

add data to the shipping table on retailer screen to show unshipped orders

Fixed client assignment drop down in the ad agency

Fixed appearance of picture and text in the phone ads

Date: Wed Sep 21 14:44:48 2016 -0300

We have adjusted costs for manufacturing through out the game. You will see an increase in the raw materials needed.

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Date: Fri Sep 23 10:14:28 2016 -0300

Investigation into over heated economy

Server side optimizations to improve performance, There was a bug discovered in the game where consumers ended up having a bigger budget than expected and increasing the ability to sell product at an extreme price.

Some Accounting changes to again improve performance.

Date: TUE Sep 27 14:27:00 2016 -0300

Fixed IE issue with Direct Sales from Manufacturer.

This patch re-enables the sales counter for retailers.

Fixing accounting issues for cost of goods sold.
Full value of the shipment was being stored as unit value, this patch fixes this.

Changing the logic for when a manufacturing when a business is moved.

Some general JavaScript fixes and corrections.

Date: Fri Sep 30 09:22:17 2016 -0300

This patch speeds up and eliminates the majority of timeouts that were occurring
during the issuing of stocks and bonds. The process is still slow, but we are speeding it up.

Added the achievement note about only showing latest achievements on the rollovers.

Added “Not Issued” notice to Stocks and Bond Issues tables

This patch changes the query used to get the security certifications for holders to improve performance.

Adjusted the width of the blue summary section so cash and equity show next to each other.

Added Play Now link to daily report email

Adjusted the input field and column width in the ad details

Fixed IE issue with Direct Sales from Manufacturer.

Date: Fri Sep 30 13:52:34 2016 -0300

Adding fast shipping option
This patch introduces the first order ships fast feature.

Adjusted the location of the PLAY NOW email link

Removing a redundant call to new issue for stocks
Adjusted the styling of the email header slightly to better fit title

Date: Thu Oct 6 11:29:39 2016 -0300

Added zoomed files to Financial Course
Updated images for Financial Course

This patch addresses some of the slow loading of the open market, more
refinements to come later, Paging is now improved.

Adjusted the location of the Feature & Quality amounts for readability.

Units & Inventory Sold Report now correctly indicates units manufactured.

Change direct mailing list to only send to one address for each player

Changed Law Firm labels in law suit and reordered sections.

Fixed the issue of uploading images as an ad agency

Date: Fri Oct 7 10:14:08 2016 -0300

This patch fixes broken tabs
improves query performance
addresses the open market not populating from retail

Date: Fri Oct 14 11:41:19 2016 -0300

Addresses a minor issue on the open market where players were able to use the listing feature before the page loaded

Changes to the advertising auction calendar
this patch fixes the time zone effects on the calendar
fixing bugs in the calendar

Changed PO shipping total to clarify amount after shipped.

Fixed bug which was preventing holding company lists from being trimmed down properly when creating a mailing list.

Added First Time Shipping notice to Retail creation page

Adjusted the Daily Mail styling of the Play Now links

Date: Wed Oct 26 08:53:11 2016 -0300

Adding interval processing to the ad auction to ensure all auctions are awarded correctly.

This patch has the new business directory in the world markets. (Until accounts are used last activity will read never as a new time record needs to be created and updated)

Added dynamic Total to:

  • Bond Buy and Sell
  • Stocks Buy and Sell

Mail drafts now displaying when you click the tab.

Shipping button now disables if PO is cancelled.
Added cancelled and closed pills to Purchase Orders

Date: Tue Nov 8 09:49:12 2016 -0400

fix for style issues in the phone
tweak to the the general journal to speed up loading
added Export Data button back in
updating the typescript for marketing
adjusted header event area
preliminary work on improving the ad assignments
there have been several issues reported in the ad spot management this patch is the start of addressing them

Date: Mon Apr 9 12:34:06 2018 -0300

Log in:
The log in error has been addressed. but the fix seems to be slow in propagating to the cdns.

General improvements

fixes the missing bxp level requirements from the last update
fixing ad spinner bug
addresses the issue where player ads were no longer showing up.

Performance improvements

this patch speeds up load times for the retail business screens
this patch speeds up the manufacturing screen’s load time
this patch updates the product competiveness report

Portfolio updates

Fixed an issue where stocks and bonds were not showing the correct numbers for market changes

Date: Mon Apr 30 16:16:52 2018 -0300

this patch fixes problems in the query for the market cap leaders

Date: Mon Apr 30 14:57:56 2018 -0300

fixing bug in designer script
this patch adds a new to the utility call in the ad designer to address
bug caused by updates

Date: Mon Apr 30 13:03:30 2018 -0300
fixing business directory
addresses the slow down (unresponsiveness) of the business directory

Date: Thu Apr 26 13:13:35 2018 -0300

adding check for all internet explorer versions

Date: Thu Apr 26 11:34:19 2018 -0300

updating and cleaning shipmentmade event

Date: Wed Apr 25 15:49:16 2018 -0300

updating buy business

this patch adds logic to move retail inventory when a business is sold,
It updates the parent company on the lots and adjusts accounting for
remaining inventory

fixed issue where bank fees were being adjusted incorrectly

Date: Wed Apr 25 09:09:36 2018 -0300

tweaking the logic for paying bonds

Date: Tue Apr 24 16:29:06 2018 -0300

updating the bonds to handle autopayouts

this patch adds a paying out bonds when the bond payment is due and not

Date: Tue Apr 24 09:29:53 2018 -0300
updating the statistics module to improve performance

Unexpected downtime, found a small issue that could have had big consequences,

Date: Fri May 25 11:27:21 2018 -0300

updating the stats collector  to deduplicate entries
this patch fixes bugs with the new leader boards
updating to fix reset errors

fixing bugs in the stats collector

Date: Tue Jun 26 08:33:52 2018 -0300

fixed issue that blocked automatic loan statements.
adding clarifying titles to the new leaderboards.

Player can now close a business to free up a business slot. Maintenance costs will still be incurred.
Additionally, this patch updates the checks for business requirements to handle
various edge cases when a player has closed a business and opens a new one.
Updating calendar styles.

Date: Wed Jul 11 13:17:12 2018 -0300

fix for mail not sending correctly
moving common files for manufacturing scripts
moving common typescript files for manufacturing to a central folder and
updating scripts to support this.
also fix for sending draft messages.
changes to the activity log that should increase report accuracy

Date: Thu Oct 11 09:38:58 2018 -0300

Fixing a bug in manufacturing and open market that caused players to be in an unplayable state.
Fixed issue in the price check for contracts in Ad Agency
Updating Loans to make some expenses clearer and remove the double early repayment penalty and reduce the multiple payments to pay off a loan
Tightened navigation while in the tutorial.

Update to the business directory used to populate business lists on client side.
Fix for the spending budgets for the product groups