Advise on 2nd business

Would you suggest a 2nd automobile factory or an automobile retail shop to sell your produced cars from your factory?

@Toxico_International, sorry, but you cannot sell between companies that you own.

But I’m allowed to own multiple factories of automobile?
10 or 20 factories even?

Yes you are, as you gain bxp you can start new businesses and you can choose either MFG or RTL.

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Great, thanks for prompt reply. :slight_smile:

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If you want to go further / faster in the game it’s a good idea to get one of each for your first 2 businesses, so go the opposite to your first. There are daily bxp rewards for placing on open market, selling direct, buying from the market, buying direct. Having one of each let’s you go for all of the available rewards, plus you learn how to run both so you can choose your future speciality more easily


Interesting as well; I’ll consider that :slight_smile: Ty