Advertising Time-Spot "my spots" Bug

My new advertising spots aren’t showing up under My Spots for me to submit a new ad to. I missed my three slots yesterday because of this, but I kept thinking maybe they would appear in the place of the old three once the time got closer, but they never did. I’ve got three spots tomorrow, I think 12, 1 and 2 pst. Or 11, 12, 1. Something like that.

Thanks for any help!

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Unfortunately. an internal error occurred that caused this and sadly we are unable to award the spots that were missed.

@GVW_Admin But its still happening. I’m missing a spot right now because they still won’t show up. And I’m about to miss two more…

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Can we get a fix for this? I desperately need to advertise and don’t want/can’t afford to hire a law firm to help…and also don’t want to purchase anymore spots that I can’t load an ad to.

There was a feedback issue. You won no ad spots and spent no money during this issue. It has been corrected.

Just to clarify…was I refunded for the spots I had purchased that never ran an ad, so that in effect I didn’t spend any money? Or is it not showing that I won any bids?

I only ask because I DID win ad spots and have them run with no ads because of this issue…I bid on and won 9 spots total that were spanned over 3 days RT. The first three ran with no trouble. But then the next three never showed up for me to work with. At least those 3 spots ran before the issue was fixed. And I’m not sure if the next three were canceled or if they just ended up running adless also; I wasn’t actively playing at that time like I was for the three I witnessed. But I know the first of the second day’s set was running adless at the time of my post where I said it was still happening.

If I put my cursor over the bidding chart on the time spots in question, it was clearly saying I’d won the bid, but it just wasn’t showing up under the ‘my spots’ tab. If it’s showing on your end that I ACTUALLY didn’t win any ad spots or spend any g, maybe it’s due to the same issue that wasn’t allowing the info to show up under the ‘my spots’ tab.

@GVW_Admin My ad spots for tomorrow at 11am, 1 pm and 3 pm aren’t finalizing, even though the two for after that have. It says on the chart that I’m still the leading bid for those spots.