Advertising Not Saving Edits or Creating New Ones

I have tried to save a new advertisement I made today and the Save button greyed out and did nothing. There is a series of steps to do first before it happens and I’ve seen that it hasn’t been recreated on another topic but it’s happened several times (also happened when I managed to create one ad and wouldn’t save changes I made to it).

  1. Fill out information, but don’t add an ad background.

  2. Click the Save (will tell you to pick an ad background).

  3. Select an ad background.

  4. Click Save and watch results.

This goes for anything part not filled in that is required really.

Hi Lifeline_Inc

Sorry that you are having this trouble. We are looking into it now.

What is the text you are trying to enter?

The field only accepts curtain special characters and the feedback has not been working for some reason.

The only one’s I’ve been using is ? and ! and . Nothing else. Considering it only accepts certain special characters, I’m assuming that it is in PHP and would advise Parameterized PDO. If it’s not in PHP, I would suggest trying to create a parameterized query through whatever script is being used. Then there wouldn’t be any injections that could happen and any character could be used accordingly as needed/wanted :slight_smile:

Ya, it would be the ? causing you the issue. I will see if I can get the ? included in there.

OK, I have included ? into the approved symbols. It will be next publish before it will show up i the game though.

Alright. Sounds good :slight_smile: I would still look into creating a parameterized query though so you wouldn’t need a list of approved/unapproved characters :slight_smile: Just a thought :slight_smile: