Advertising - expected visibility

All players live in differents countries with differents time zone

Some spot offer better visibility. Currently we are not able to know it.

It would be interesting with an other table to easily see the attendance using previous stats

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That’s an interesting idea. There was an idea discussed by the dev team about indicating the actual physical location (by country) of each player on our map. If that was in place, you could get a sense of the density of businesses in each country - and (from that) infer which timezone to target with ads. Knowing how many hours ahead or behind the target zone we are would make it easier to determine when we should bid on our spots. OR we could hire an in-game Ad Agency and instruct them to do that on our behalf! :slight_smile:

Or we could add more space for ads to show? Since curently we just have 1space to show ads,and ppl competing for that 1lil spot :joy:

Think of it like the Super Bowl.

Only one ad spot can run at a time, and it’s definitely premium. Those who want it bid a lot of money to secure the spot. :slight_smile:

But sometimes you might luck out and get to run the spot more cheaply. It has been quite competitive so far. I like going through and bidding on the spots that haven’t been jacked up too high in price. But I’m not winning many spots as I get outbid quickly.

I think the ad prices were quite high because some players were making so much money. As we fix the market bugs, there will be less money for high bids.

Note also that we will be cycling player ads with sponsor ads (ads from real-world companies). Right now it cycles with a “Your Ad Here” message.