Adons unit price difference

Within the last week I purchased auto add on and each had a per unit cost of less than g300. Now I look at the add on under the production tab of my manufacturer and all are showing significantly higher per unit cost.

Which is correc? The per unit at time of purchase or per init under production tab?

Perhaps you may have missed this announcement:

I did see that notice, but it really does not answer the question. After thinking about this further my understanding is that the per unit price for an Addon is comprised of the royalty fee + cost of implementing the addon for the vehicle. As a result, i was not compare similar item (ie royalty vs cost per item.) It would be nice if the cost per item number is available at the time of purchasing (like for an upgrade) an Addon so that you can calculate actual costs in manufacturing and determine which Addon may be a better fit with what i am trying to achieve.

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Hey, you may be on to something. We think we may understand what you mean and will investigate.