Addons : State of licenced addons broken

Hello @GoVenture , @GVW_Admin ,

I’m reporting two issues I’m encountering :

  1. It seems I’ve somehow managed (unfortunately) to license 2 of my Holding Company Addons (at one time, the Addons management got really laggy, I guess it’s then that I managed to achieve this feat).
    As a result, my company cannot license any other addon in the “Addons” page, every click on a “License” action button getting the result message “You can only license one of your own add-ons.”.
    EDIT : Also, the “manage addons” page lists most addons I’ve already licensed as “not licensed” ; to add insult to injury :slight_smile:

Is it possible to “rectify” the state of my company to unblock this page ?

  1. Also, on my manufacturing page, under the Addons section, all of the states of the Addons I can see got inverted at some point (everything “Off” bar two “new” addons I had managed to subscribe to).
    But, clicking on one of the “On” addons seems to have borked even more the state of my Addons : Now it looks like the only Addons “used” in Manufacturing are the one with the “On” state, but I cannot activate any other Addon that is listed !

I could provide screenshots if needed, but I’ll let you tell me whether to do it or not.

Again, many thanks for your work, and sorry to spoil the fun with this !

Best regards -

Thank you for posting, we will investigate.

This has been addressed. Your improvements and add-on switches should now be working correctly.

Thank you !
I think we’re not very far, yet not quite there yet :

What seems to work :

  • On my manufacturing screen, I can change the status of the addons I see and it seems to be taken into account when creating new items.

What seems not right :

  • Under the “Boardroom” > “Addons” section, I can only see my “recent” purchases (not all of the “usable” addons I can see in the manufacturing screen are visible under the Boardroom view)
  • In the “Addons” page (which is called “Addons” and is accessed through the “Manage Addons” button), only part of the addons I can use in manufacturing are flagged as “Licensed”.
  • In the “Addons” page, clicking on the “License” button on an Addon I already licensed in the past (and that is available in the Manufacturing screen) seems to return no action or message.

What I haven’t tested yet :

  • Licensing a new addon - I will try that when the opportunity is right and/or I have enough money to spare
  • Seeing whether licensing a new addon will make it visible in the Boardroom screen
  • Seeing whether licensing a new addon will make it visible and usable in the Manufacturing screen
  • Seeing whether licensing a new addon will make it flagged “Licensed” in the Addons screen

It may be that the last problems I see now are linked to the data of my company in the DB.
I don’t think I should be asking for a “personal clean-up” of my company’s data, so there is no call to action there - just a hypothesis.

I suggest that I try and test the remaining items before closing this topic, although if you prefer to close it right now I see no problem to that ; if needed I can always create a new topic :slight_smile:

Thanks again !

Best regards -