Ad Campaign no effect?

I’ve raised an Ad Campaign, but I did not see any effect on my brand, either brand awareness or brand quality, through the BRAND report.

It seems you have only run 2 ads … which has an impact but very small … you have to run many more ads to build your impact.

I’ve run at least 50 ads all time, no brand awareness increase.

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Do you have “Clickthroughs”?

Nope never had 1 lol, if that’s what I need for brand awareness that’s easy.

Can you confirm it’s clickthroughs that increase brand awareness?

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I don’t know whether the Ad campaign can really help with brand, but at least, mine only have some “impression”, but zero “clickthrough”, and no effects on brand.

Same, the impression really doesn’t do much in my opinion.

BTW, do you know how I can know when will a set of products I bought (as the retailer) from a manufacture company is going to arrive?
so that I may adjust the price setting, and the on/off of the salesperson.

When they ship it press the tab that should say “partially delivered” and you’ll see the wait time or delivery date. If you want faster shipping you can use my transportation to reduce the time.

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…So it means that I should ask my business partner to click “partially delivered”, if I want to know.

You can do it yourself in the retail

You have to make sure you press the little arrow on the left of the tab that says partially shipped.

Not so care about fast or slow, but my awareness of the time.
As my business is in a time of turning from low-quality to high-quality products, it’s important to change the price setting in time, since the game only provide me one place for pricing, I’m unable to set different price for diff company products.(There isn’t such a function)

What? I haven’t see such a choice tab? I can only see “In transit” or “shipped” . Where is that?

If I were you I would’ve sold all the old stuff before doing all of that.

Is this the time I get products into inventory?

and, if it is only “RT” , the range is too broad.

It’s GT days, 1 GT day is 2 hours

You are right but I also want to do business with more partners.
and I’m not sure how long will they play this game.