Ad Agency Bugs and Requests

Multiple Bugs/Problems

  1. Completed/Closed clients projects are not showing as closed.
  2. Times under Manage ad campaigns are not accurate and showing 4 hrs ahead ex showing 1200 when it’s 0800.

Bugs/Feature Request

  1. Client Communications-A way to respond to and communicate with clients through here or a way to pick/show who it’s from instead of the Holding company. By which I mean the marketing company. Also cleaning up this area so that messages are threaded or stacked.

  2. A way to “invoice” or charge clients for their ad spots because clients may want a different number of ads per day and those spots may run quite high depending on the demand. Also a way to charge or invoice for “email” client lists.

  3. An easy way to navigate or “back navigate”. Currently if in “manage ad campaign” or similar screen. Clicking manage business at the top of page brings you back to all businesses screen not the ad summary screen.

  1. Status for client contracts are updated when the contract reaches the fulfilment date.
  2. Times are displayed according to the time zone you selected when creating your account/holding company. All times internal to the game use a fixed time zone.

Thank you for you suggestions, in the future raise feature requests in the Features Request category. That way we can track them separate from bug reports and prioritize them more easily.


please see attached. I took these screenshots today, and they should verify what I submitted in my original post.

@Star_Industries to help us investigate these issues, can you be more specific as to what you are trying to show us in each screenshot? There are a lot of ideas posted in this thread, some are suggestions while others may be bugs and it’s difficult for us to follow.

Let’s start by focusing on what you think are bugs that are not working — show us those and we can investigate.


@GoVenture. In this one please see that the status under client projects shows closed, and the dates they finished, however in the tables above the set fees button you can see that the completed shows 0, as if I have closed and finished no projects.

@GoVenture. In images 2/3 please note that the screenshots were taken at the same time. 8:32pm or 20:32, in my local time zone. now in the third picture you can see that the times and ad spots are correctly displayed, however if you look at the second picture it show that time slot as 4 hours ahead, with the impressions being counted for the 12Am or 00:00 spot on 10-20 even though it should be the 20:00 spot on 10-19. this makes scheduling ad spots very hard and confusing.

Thank you for this information we are investigating now.

We have made some changes to the display algorithm for the ad agency. The information should be displaying accurately now.