Ad Agencies - Multiple Clients Bug?

I own an ad agency, though I noticed I can only assign ads to one of my clients, and not any of the other 3 clients I have. Do ad agencies work exclusively for one company for a specific amount of time, or is this a bug?

You should be able to assign ads to any customer which has hired you. We will have a look into this.

Alright, thanks. I’m getting backed up on orders, so only being able to fulfill the requests of one customer is definitely an issue at the moment. Thanks for the help!

Had the others not showing hired you for Ad Campaign, Direct Mail Campaign, or both?

That’s odd. For me, it shows that I have 7 active projects, 6 of which show in my projects section. Is there a difference between a marketing and advertising campaign? Could it be one client hired me for the one type the others didn’t?

It is possible. But there is definately a bug in the returning of the list which we are fixing right now.

Clients do hire for a specific reason and that affects what you can do for them.

The ad section went through some major rewrites and everything should be up and running as expected next publish.