Account deletion



What are the steps in case you want to delete your account?

I don’t see any reference in-game to guide a player and there is nothing mentioned in the user guide besides inactivity. In case someone has made his mind and wants to quit permanently how does he do it?

Thank you

Regarding Deletion of my Account

Thanks for asking. If you just stop playing, you will disappear automatically from the game after about 2 weeks, so you do not need to do anything.

If, for some reason, you want your account deleted, you can post a request here. We can delete your personal information and login information but cannot delete game history because that has affected the world. I hope that make sense.


@MathewGeorghiou I would like to delete my account immediately. COuld you please help me on that?
Thank you in advance


@ERKILET_LLC, we are sorry to see you go. We can delete your account for you if you still wish that to happen.


Hello there, i would like to have my account deleted please because I don’t have anymore free time to play the game. Thank you for this simulation and good luck with your projects.:facepunch:


Could you delete my account, please, because I’m unable to find free time to play the game. Thank you for the game and wishing you luck for your future projects and the present one too. :smiley:


Could you please delete my account. Thank you.