Account deletion/Reset

Can i also delete my account

We are sorry to see you go. We have deleted your account.

As you can see, I would also like to delete my account. Can my account be deleted too?

We are sorry to see you go. We have deleted your account.

I dont want my account deleted just reset. I accidently sold my factory and need some money to open a new one. I also had 20/20 quality. maybe you can simply give me enough money to buy a auto factory and get quality up to 20/20. That wuld be 11.8 mill I belive if my math is correct. I only have 500k on hand which I will need to produce cars when I get the factory going again

We have reset your account so you can begin again. Good luck, and thank you for playing.

Could u also help me to reset my account please

Your account has been reset. Thank you for playing and enjoy the game!

hi can i get an account reset? Thank you

Your account has been reset.

hi, I got the reset thank you very much. However, when I do the startup training again, I’m stuck at setting up the holding company as there is an error asking me for my stock symbol when the company has already been set up. how can I fix this?

Firestar, are you able to click the stock symbol to see if it editable and try different characters?

hi sorry for late reply, i tried it but its not editable

We have tested this and could not recreate it. Could you tell us what platform and browser you are using to play on?

i am using the pc and playing on google chrome. Would it be better if i deleted my account and restarted instead?

I have an error with my business, it keeps telling me that I have unpaid balances but I do not as they are all up to date. Can i please get a reset?

Give us a little time to investigate first. However we will gladly reset you.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this. This is just a display issue, you can continue to play the game. We will be correcting the display issue.

I held off on doing anything thinking it was gonna reset so it is dead in the water now can you please still do the reset?

Your account has been reset. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the game!