About the bxp system in game

Hi, so I was thinking and I’m sure many people here will agree with me when I say this. The bxp system is annoying. I think you should remove the bxp system and completely overhaul it into something like a membership that you have to pay monthly. Something maybe like Roblox’s premium where you get extra benefits per month or life Fortnites crew pass. The bxp system isn’t really needed especially when someone is ready to take the risk of opening another business but can’t. Then they have to wait x amount of days and by then they might not have enough money to do so. This is my reasoning for getting rid of it thanks for your time.

I like hearing other people’s opinions to develop GVW but I have to be honest I completely disagree with this one. BXP is what prevents players from going too far out when they don’t have cash to support their growth. Also, the BXP system is the only finite resource a player has in GVW. Without it, you could get a large low interest loan and suddenly have 4 fully upgraded businesses with no real effort or dedication to the game.

That said I think some changes to BXP are needed to prevent adverse incentives, such as the fact that a player should always have one manufacturer and one retailer, as they provide unique BXP rewards. Or going to an any transaction reward, instead of a direct order/open market BXP reward.

The BXP system needs fine-tuning, but I think completely removing it would hurt more than it helps.

Maybe add paying some money to buy more. It’s a win for the game because they get money and a win for the player to.

Good discussion. The bXP system serves several purposes:

  1. This is a learning game and bXP forces players to learn more than they would otherwise.

  2. bXP is a reward system that rewards players for taking positive actions in the game and doing more in the game.

  3. bXP is a limiter that stops players from raising money and being able to do whatever they want even though they may not have learned how to properly run a business.

  4. bXP maintains fairness as players must play well to level up. If we sold bXP, players would complain that the game is unfair.

That’s the good features of bXP. The challenge with bXP is when players feel like they need to grind to earn bXP in order to level up.

We do not want players to have to mindlessly grind to earn bXP. We want players to spend their time doing useful activities that help them learn and help them succeed. But we also need the benefits of bXP listed above.

That is our challenge, to try and find the right balance. We welcome player feedback and discussions that help us identify how to improve this balance.

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Make the rewards that give bXP just a bit more and thing that need bXP less