Ability to see/cancel current direct orders

I sent differents direct orders to a business but i don’t know how much and i am unabaible to check it.

Be able to cancel manualy a direct order order would be great too.

You can not cancel orders at present, but you find them in your mailbox under sent,.

The mails you are talking about have mainly an empty body (maybe a bug). You can check my mails.

Moreover we can not know on mails sent if they are proceed / accepted / rejected / unread

A screen to follow and manage orders would be interesting

Have to reflag this one.
A Manufacturing business should have listed under Order and Shipping any direct sell offer they have made with a tag of offered. That would change to invoiced when accepted and note shipping under invoiced as it does currently.

Also you should be able to click into an offer line and withdraw the offer and / or it should disappear once the offer term expires.

I’m seeing the emails load ok for both offers to buy and sell. This is likely a temporary glitch or already resolved.

Showing offers under your POs would not work since they are not POs until they are accepted.