Ability to make capital investments in a business

There should be a way to invest in an individual business. Instead of having quality and capacity as decisions you make on the fly, these should be investment decisions.

g2,000,000 will get you a manufacturing plant, but to produce at 20 units a day you will have to invest g5,000,000, and to produce at top quality you will have to invest g1,000,000,000.

This would fix a lot of the balancing issues with the game:

a. It would increase the importance of raising capital.
b. It would force the player to choose factory location more carefully.
c. It would make buying a selling a business meaningful
d. It would keep players engaged in the game for longer.


This would be an incredible addition.

Especially the buying/selling a business part. Buying any retail/manu business over 1m is wasted money essentially. Yeah there is some brand awareness associated with it but it really doesn’t matter.

I do like the retail businesses I’ve gotten for 100k though.

There is discussion in house about unlocking features where you would pay to unlock feature or quality for an amount and then you would be billed to use it as you are now. I believe this is along the lines of what you are discussing.

Think of like this, I am Ford and I have a factory in Detroit. If I want to produce more cars, I could open a new factory in Oshawa OR I could invest and upgrade my existing factory in Detroit.

In GVW this may work like this:

You open up a factory, you can only produce at the lowest quality, and the lowest quantity.
You can upgrade your factory’s machinery to improve the quality but you will have to invest gXX to make that happen.

This would work in retail as well:

You open up a retail store, your selling from a small store.
You can upgrade the size of your retail store, allowing you to sell more per hour, but you will have invest gXX to make that happen.

I think we are on the same page but it’s not really “unlocking” features but rather INVESTING to upgrade your existing business.

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There needs to be more things to do with your in game cash. I have so much cash doing absolutely nothing.

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@FLOWINC: As Steve notes, what we plan on doing is charging a fee to unlock a manufacturing station, which is like investing in your mfg plant. Right now you can just add or remove stations, but when we add this new feature, you have to invest to have the option of adding a station.

@omni9000: There is far too much money in the game now, yes. The upgrades we will make will eliminate people generating so much money so quickly. Later, as more players join, there will also be more stocks, bonds, etc.